Evolving English - One Language, Many Voices 전시 관련 책 리스트

미술 전시를 보러가면, 전시장 안의 전시도 보지만, 종종 많은 시간을 미술관 서점 혹은 간이 서점에서 보내곤 한다. 주로 전시와 연관이 있다고 판단되는 책들을 진열해 놓고 판다. 무빙 이미지 번역 서비스 사무소 전시를 준비하면서 텍스트와 전시의 관계에 대해서 많이 생각하는데, 개인적 경험을 되집어 보면, 전시장 내에 디스플레이 되어있는 텍스트 (벽에 적혀 있던지, 프린트 물이 전시되어 있던지) 는 잘 안 읽게 되는 반면, 전시장 밖에 진열되어 있는 책 (속의) 텍스트는 한참동안 서서 읽곤 한다. 왜 그런지에 대해서는, 좀 더 생각해 봐야 겠지만, 당장은 텍스트를 책이라는 매체를 통해 읽던 습관이 몸에 뭍어있어서라고 추측하는데... 미술 전시 콘텍스트에서 텍스트를 어떻게 전시하는게 효과적인가 하는 질문.

대영 도서관의 현재 전시, "Evolving English - One Language, Many Voices"가 언어에 대한 전시여서 그런지, 유달리 많은 책들이 관련 도서로 선정되어 진열되어 있었다. 이 도서들의 "큐레이팅"도 전시의 구성 요소로써, 나름 세심한 고민 끝에 나온 결정으로 느껴져, 전체 리스트 적고 알파벳 순서로 재나열해 보았다.

(Below is a complete list of the books that are selected for the exhibition “Evolving English”, and displayed for sale at the British Library's bookshop.)

1001 Words You Need To Know and Use: An A-Z of Effective Vocabulary

A Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

A Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

A Dictionary of Modern English Usage: The Classic First Edition

A Little Book of Language (Little Histories)

Bees Knees and Barmy Armies

Begat: The King James Bible and the English Language

Beowulf: The Fight at Finnsburh (Oxford World's Classics)

Brewer's Dictionary of London Phrase & Fable

Brewer's Dictionary of Modern Phrase and Fable

Chambers Rhyming Dictionary

Chambers Slang Dictionary

Complete Old English: Teach Yourself [Paperback]

Damp Squid: The English Language Laid Bare

Dictionary of Modern English Usage

Discovering English Dialects

Discovering Words

Discovering Words in the Kitchen (Shire Discovering)

Don't Get Me Wrong!: The Global Gestures Guide

Dr.Johnson's Dictionary: The Extraordinary Story of the Book That Defined the World

Eats shoots and leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation

Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World

Evolving English

Evolving English Explored

Filthy English: The How, Why, When and What of Everyday Swearing

Found in Translation: An extremely guide to speaking correctly English


Grammar-land: Grammar in Fun for the Children of Schoolroom-shire: A Facsimile

How Language Works: How Babies Babble, Words Change Meaning and Languages Live or Die

How to Read a Word

How to Talk Like a Local: From Cockney to Geordie, a national companion

I Before E (Except After C): Old-School Ways to Remember Stuff

I Never Knew There Was a Word For It

I Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot from School

In the Land of Punctuation

Just a Phrase I'm Going Through: My Life in Language

Just My Type: A Book About Fonts

Mend Your English: Or What You Should Have Been Taught at Primary School

Mr. Tickle (Mr. Men Classic Library)

Muggin's Dictionary: Guide for the Hopeless Speller

My Grammar and I (Or Should That Be 'Me'?): Old-School Ways to Sharpen Your English

Outdoor Types: An Urban Alphabet

Oxford A-Z of Better Spelling

Oxford A-Z of English Usage

Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation

Oxford BBC Guide to Pronunciation, The Essential Handbook of the Spoken Word

Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins

Oxford Guide to Plain English

Pocket Fowler's Modern English Usage (Oxford Paperback Reference)

PUNCTUATION Personified or Pointing Made Easy.

Rude Rhyming Slang

Scapegoats, Shambles and Shibboleths: The Queen's English from the King James Bible

Shapes for sounds (cowhouse)

Smut: Down & Dirty With the Filthiest Words

Speak: A Short History of Languages

Spilling the Beans on the Cat's Pyjamas: Popular Expressions - What They Mean and Where We Got Them

Strictly English: The correct way to write … and why it matters

The Adventure of English

The Anglo-Saxon World: An Anthology (Oxford World's Classics)

The Canterbury Tales (Penguin Classics)

The First English Dictionary of Slang 1699

The First English Dictionary, 1604: Robert Cawdrey's Table Alphabetically

The Future of Language

The Golden Primer: A Facsimile

The Language Instinct: The New Science of Language and Mind

The Language Wars: A History of Proper English

The Language Wars: A History of Proper English

The Last Lingua Franca: English Until the Return of Babel

The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford Dictionary of Rhyming Slang (Oxford Paperback Reference)

The Perfect Punctuation Book

The Queen's English: And How to Use It

The Ring of Words: Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary

The Riverside Chaucer: Reissued with a new foreword by Christopher Cannon

The Stories of English

The Story of English: How the English Language Conquered the World

Txtng: The Gr8 Db8

Why is Q Always Followed by U?: Word-Perfect Answers to the Most-Asked Questions About Language

Words Words Words